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Welcome to the Ranch Horse Association of America!

In 1998, the RHAA was formed to promote the qualities and characteristics of the ultimate working ranch horse, while providing a means of competition to show these ranch horses. The RHAA sanctions local working ranch horse competitions, provides a uniform set of rules, qualifies working ranch horse competition judges, and promotes uniformity and consistency in judging.

The RHAA seeks to accomplish these goals while maintaining traditional western influence with historic western sportsmanship and a cowboy ethic.

Competitions include a dry work pattern made up of circles, spins, stops, lead changes and roll backs. Once the pattern is completed, riders box a cow on the end of the arena, then drive it down the fence and turn the cow each direction. To complete the run, contestants then rope the cow. RHAA events are held all across the country.

Please take time to look around our site at the latest results, upcoming events or even information on hosting your own RHAA-sanctioned competition…

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